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Color Formers

Our main products, color formers, are materials characterized by a chromogenic reversible reaction when met with acids. They were first adopted to pressure sensitive recording paper (non-carbon paper) and then to thermosensitive recording paper (thermal recording paper). Thermosensitive recording paper found its way from its original application to FAX paper, and expanded widely to bank ATM and cash register recording paper, labels for food and commodity distribution, traffic tickets, admission tickets, lotteries, etc. Such applications utilize one of the color former’s reversible chemical characteristics, which is to form colors by reacting with acids, however, recent technology is focused on utilizing the intrinsic reversible characteristic of color formers, from non-colored to colored and from the colored to non-colored, such as for thermo chromic materials, rewritable thermosensitive paper, erasable toner. etc.
Color formers are everywhere in our daily life although they may not be noticeable to everyone. We are committed to continue to offer new products, not only color formers, but also products that will make life richer and more convenient, as well as environmentally friendly products, by capitalizing on our expertise and experiences in designing and elaborating color formers.

Color Formers

No. Product Name CAS No. Family Color Melting Point(°C) λmax(nm)
1 RED 500 115392-27-3 Fluoran Red 173-175 523
2 RED 520(ETPM) 42228-32-0 Fluoran Red 165-167 518
3 CVL 1552-42-7 Phthalide Blue 178-180 602
4 S-205 70516-41-5 Fluoran Black 164-166 452
5 Black 305 129473-78-5 Fluoran Black 181-182 453
6 Black 400 89331-94-2 Fluoran Black 182-183.5 455
7 ETAC 59129-79-2 Fluoran Black 206-208 460
8 Black 100 68134-61-2 Fluoran Black 179-181 435
9 NIR Black 78 113915-68-7 Divinyl Phthalide Black 130-135 580

Custom-made Products

No. Product Name CAS No. Family Color Melting Point(°C) λmax(nm)
1 Blue 220 114090-18-5 Pyridine Blue Blue 149-151 606
2 H-3035 147678-87-3 Monovinyl Phthalide Blue 147-153 660
3 H-1046 140895-67-6 Fluoran Green 206-209 477