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1.Basic Policy
Fukui Yamada Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. collects information of customers who use our websites within the scope necessary for providing services indicated on the homepage ( hereinafter referred to as “the site”) smoothly. Information acquired shall be appropriately handled in accordance with the purpose of use.
We shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other guidelines pertinent to the protection of personal information.
2.Information to be Collected
Customers are requested to write their addresses, names, e-mail addresses, etc., in the Inquiry Form when sending their inquiries regarding our products.
3.Purpose of Use
Acquired customers’ personal information shall be used for answering their inquiries, providing them with product material and promoting our business activities. We shall not use customers’ personal information in any other way without their consent.
4.Security Measures
We shall protect the acquired customer information from unauthorized accesses, prevent data loss, destruction, falsification or leakage and make rectification whenever necessary. We shall also make appropriate management in order to ensure information security and accuracy. Furthermore, we’ll continuously review our security measures in an effort to maintain and improve the protection of personal information.
5.Applicable Scope
This privacy policy shall be applied to the extent covered by the site.